The Good News from Edo State

The Good News from Edo State

In Edo state, governor Godwin Obaseki, the PDP candidate, has scored the highest number of votes to defeat APC’s candidate, Osagie Ize-Iyamu. Mr Obaseki polled 307, 955 votes while Osagie Ize-Iyamu  received 223, 619 votes. I am not from Edo state and certainly know little on the politics therein. But I cannot pass the opportunity to comment on how APC kicked Obaseki out of the party by disqualifying him on technicalities. This APC loss is also a low point for the former labour leader and APC chairman, Adam Oshiomole. 

This is not a PDP victory or an APC loss. This is a victory for the Edo people. Yes, godfatherism politics has indeed died in Edo to a large extent.

Let us celebrate the Edo people here. Forget the loser and winner; they are the same. Watch out, Obaseki may be planning to return to APC while Ize-Iyamu makes it back to PDP for the next season. It is permanent interest for them, and only them.

The final result (source, Premium Times)

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3 thoughts on “The Good News from Edo State

  1. Still waiting for when the Lagos electorates will declare loudly that they are in charge of who becomes the governor of the state, and not the charade that has been going on there since 1999. You might be tempted to think that electorates there are politically aware, but that’s perhaps the only state where one man can still decide who becomes the governor, other states have upended that nonsense; it’s no democracy at all.

    If not for any other thing, just let the ridiculous godfathers or politicians know that they are never in charge, else they keep insulting the collective intelligence of every decent person there.

    Oshiomhole essentially gave Edo State to PDP, if not, Obaseki would have been re-elected under APC. This is what happens when ordinary creatures start deluding themselves that they are larger than life, and with people aiding them, they cement that phantom status that actually they have the power to decide who gets what and how.

    More embarrassments will keep meeting these funny creatures, until they are all cut to size.

    Next casualty please!


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