Looking for Seed Capital? Try Lunatech Ventures. Their Research Division is Awesome


Are you an entrepreneur looking for seed investment or are you looking for a co-investor on this great idea you have? Learn about Lunatech Ventures. This company can be the real deal for someone with the right idea. It is Dutch based but they can go global.


We are seed investors, our main focus being Internet and Interactive media technologies. Our preference is for investment as equity (shareholding), this allows the investor and entrepreneur to share a goal – to create value for the company. We invest working capital, human resources, or a combination of both. We are willing to invest in pre-revenue companies – we may provide a company’s first working capital.


Their research division is also a cool one. We think that Dutch investors do put money in Africa. If you have got it, try this company, not just for the funds but partnerships and collaborations.


Lunatech Research was founded in 1993 as an IT consulting, product research and development team. As a team of adept self-managing architects and programmers, working with a very experienced commercial team, Lunatech has a successful track record of implementing medium-sized to large systems. Our skills are best applied in designing and building back office systems whereby a web interface is just one of many external user- interfaces.


We excel at going into your organisation, analyzing the requirements, and then – together with you – designing and building a system to meet your needs.


We work to an interactive development process. We build applications in a number of short iterations. This provides great visibility to the customer and it greatly improves the end result because the product and expectations can be adjusted along the way. With a proud record of providing professional IT services, joint ventures and investments in other peoples ideas, you’ll find us highly technical, very creative, and flexible.

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