The New Associated Press for Africa – Africa Interactive. Maybe, You Can Join Them If You Got The Skills

Africa Interactive is a fast growing multimedia press- and content agency in Africa, with 2000 local reporters in 50 African countries. Their reporters tell the African story in text, photo or video.


Their database contains filmmakers, journalists, photographers, stringers and marketing experts who produce tailor made ‘High-end’ videos and ‘Simple Video Reports’ to showcase activities in Africa.


Services include:


Content Production:
•    High-end video productions
•    TV formats
•    Simple video reports
•    Text and Photography


Building your business in Africa:
•    Market Research
•    Communication solutions e.g. websites.
•    Access to African Business Communities           with more than 80.000 business leaders.
•    Access to >40 African TV Channels


Notable Events are


  • In May 2011 the Netherlands hosted 200 international knowledgeambassadors from 36 countries, who joined together to create aninternational knowledge network. They are all alumni who studied in the Netherlands.

Nuffic asked Africa Interactive to visit four alumni in Uganda, Colombia and India to see how they’ve benefited from their studies in the Netherlands.


  • For the Dutch organization Spark we produced videos to profile different entrepreneurs in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia


  • For the recently launched BoP Innovation Center we produced an introduction video. The centre accelerates the impact of market driven innovations in low income markets, by incubating new private sector initiatives, enabling learning and capacity development and influencing policy agendas to improve the enabling environment.

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