Toodu Connects People and/or Businesses Together To Get Tasks Done.

Toodu is a free service that matches items on your to do list with people and businesses who can help you get things done. It is for users looking for individuals/business or businesses looking to offer personalised services based on user queries. This is still largely available in South Africa.


Toodu is an independent private company that believes that there is a better way to find and interact with the service providers you need to get all that you need to do done. Toodu is currently in beta release, which means we’d love your feedback on the service so we can improve it further. At Toodu we are always looking out for ways that we can partner or integrate with complementary services or properties in order to generate mutual benefit. If you would like to discuss any possibilities in this regard please contact us.


How does it work?

  1. Add an item to your toodu list.
  2. Start receiving personalised messages, advice, proposals, prices or quotes from our registered service providers.
  3. Pick the service providers you want to work with and start getting things done.


Why should I get/use it?

  • Toodu is a free service
  • Get effortlessly organised
  • Toodu is 100% localised to your city
  • Stop searching – get what you want to come to you.
  • We are passionate about your privacy – you will always be in control of who you share your contact details with.

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