Africa Gathering is a Platform for Cross Fertilization of Ideas for Africa

Africa Gathering provides a space to bring technophiles, thinkers, entrepreneurs, innovators and everybody else together to talk about positive change in sustainable development, technology, social networking, health, education, environment and good governance in Africa.


Africa Gathering has been borne of the need to develop a results-driven conversation about technology and Africa. All over the world people have great ideas that could bring positive change to Africa. Many, though not all, of these people aren’t big charities or aid organisations – they are passionate individuals, inventors, thinkers, leaders and dreamers. These people may not have lots of money, time or the business acumen to promote their ideas on their own – but that doesn’t mean their ideas should be ignored. Africa Gathering exists to help generate interest in these people, share their ideas and promote their projects. We’re here to help bring innovators in to contact with journalists, entrepreneurs and investors – the very people who have the ability to recognise a good idea and help make it work.


Who should come to Africa Gathering:

  • If  you’re a business – to find out what other businesses are doing, to meet an engage with the business community
  • If  you’re an investor – to expose yourself to some of the most creative raw talent in the tech/Africa field
  • If  you’re an entrepreneur – to meet with other motivated people like you who are passionate about technology and positive social change
  • If you’re an inventor/innovator – come and be inspired by other creative minds. Talk, learn and share.
  • If you’re just interested – you’d be surprised at how much you can help by simply thinking about the ideas that are presented, making suggestions and feeling the atmosphere all helps. If you don’t come you’ll never know how you can fit in.

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