Virtual Terminal Network – The Latest License Holder of the Crowding mPayment Players in Nigeria


VTN is the newest entrance into the mpayment system in Nigeria.  They have been training people, waiting for the license and now they have got it. So, what is VTN?


VTN is a Virtual Mobile /Web transaction network built for the emerging economies

Virtual Terminal Network has teamed up with the most innovative bank in Nigeria to provide Nigerians with a world-class and the first e-commerce payment solution designed for those in Nigeria.
The virtual payment solution is a revolutionary system that will make it safe and secure for Nigerian retailers and global merchants to receive virtual payments locally and globally.

VTN represents a void, the Holy Grail, that finally addresses worldwide concerns about electronic payments from Nigeria.

The lack of a safe online payment system has been hurting Nigeria businesses with over a decade behind in the e-commerce market. This is the first time that Nigerians will have a globally accepted ecommerce payment solution designed with their needs and concerns in mind.

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