Pulse is for Cameroon as Facebook is for World. Maybe, Pulse Could be for African Universities Soon

They are building a social network site in Cameroon that will link students of the University of Beau. They hope to extend that to all African schools. The name is Pulse.

Notice this from their site – their site looked like Google + or Google + looked like Pulse. Either way, we have to hold off until they are done.

  • We working 24/7 to revamp our entire platform UI coz of the noticed similarity to Google plus.


The Motivation?

We started Pulse with  the idea to create a social network for the university of Buea, but after realizing a vast majority of African universities had no form of online student services, and how students depended solely on notice boards, in-class announcements and mouth to mouth communication, we decided it was time we did something about it.


Pulse is a social/geolocation platform aimed at connecting African universities, professors to their students. In other words, we trying to make African education look cool, Pulse will provide a platform where any university can own and operate its own high-end online students services at a low cost, without having to deploy any technical infrastructure, it will permit lecturers to communicate faster and cheaper to their students and lastly it will enable students to receive updates from their teachers and classmates through sms, web and email. We are building only for these category of universities and of course we taking into consideration the realities of African users, that means for us, that our platform will be centered around the mobile experience.

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