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Tekedia Mini-MBA Monthly Update

Tekedia Mini-MBA Monthly Update

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Dear Community Member,

Greetings! This is the monthly update for Tekedia mini-MBA community. I am using it to provide feedback on some issues and suggestions members have shared.

Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 15 (Sept 9 – Dec 7, 2024) has started registrations; register today for early bird discounts.

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  1. Broad Feedback: Generally, the comments on our program are positive. Nonetheless, we understand the monetary challenges some face on watching videos. That is the main reason why we have the Written Materials to reduce the need for excessive videos.
  2. Tekedia Innovation Summit: Many members requested they would like a physical connection besides this virtual one. Accordingly, we plan to host a summit in Q4 2020 in Lagos. That summit will also be webcasted. Expect more details in subsequent updates. But note: this summit will not cost members anything more.
  3. Co-Innovation Idea Circle: Some members want to have a section to share product and service ideas or what they are building, via video and documents, and get feedback from the community. Our team is updating our platform to accommodate that for the next batch of this program.
  4. Funding Club: We have mobilized small money to run innovation competition for members, tapping into #3 above. Depending on the votes in the community and other factors, some ideas will receive small funding for minor stakes. We do believe that Tekedia should not just teach innovation but must also stimulate innovators to do great things. This will be part of the next batch.
  5. Courseware: We received the feedback to add programs on advertising, media, and business law in the next batch. Also, we have worked out a way to ensure that Challenge assignments and Labs are being graded. Two institutions, one Africa-based and another U.S.-based, have offered to support this process.
  6. Partner Marketplace: Some companies have reached out to us, seeking opportunities to offer free products and services to the community. These services could include web hosting, product samples, books, business legal services, etc. We are working on a process on how best to integrate this without impacting learning. If interested as a partner, contact me. 
  7. Company specific programs: GMP (General Management Program) and AMP (Advanced Management Program) are Tekedia mini-MBA customized for specific companies and their sectors. This was an immediate feedback from firms. The firms have dedicated boards for their entire staff (no limit) to discuss and innovate. We create contents using the firms and their industries to stimulate conversations. Email me for a brochure.
  8. Innovation Book: During the Summit, we will unveil a book – Innovation for Growth: Techniques for Building Category-King Companies

Remember, every Monday at 12 noon Lagos time, contents for new weeks are posted here – https://www.tekedia.com/dboard/ . All updates are also done on the weekly board as we try to reduce emails as much as possible. 

Our goal is to make this program the best innovation program in Africa. And experiences from this inaugural batch will make the next one better. Please feel free to send questions: those with business canvas questions, send them, we have capacity now to provide guidance to everyone.

From all of us at Tekedia Institute, we truly value the opportunity to co-create,  co-share and co-learn with you.


Tekedia Institute

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6 THOUGHTS ON Tekedia Mini-MBA Monthly Update

  1. The holy book says, if you cannot be trusted with small thing, who will entrust you with big thing?

    It’s called a ‘Mini-MBA’, yet little by little, a robust institution with vibrant community is being nurtured; wisdom is not taught in the universities…

    We are still searching, talking and wailing for leaders who will transform Nigeria (and Africa), to put her on the path of perpetual development.

    If you think great leaders are formed by political parties, think again! They are found outside the political space, then smart political parties go there to pluck them, using them to build a thriving nation.

    A lesson on how to start small and then going on to build empires that last for generations.

  2. As an Agribusiness firm in Anambra State, so far with these programs we have decided to brainstorm our business model from “Farm to Fork” to inculcate double play in it.. Thank you Prof N. Ekekwe for bringing us on-board this Tekedia Mini-MBA 2020… #TEF2020 #elwincares

  3. This is not just a learning institute… Grate things are happening behind, people are connecting, sharing Ideals…. Nigerian education system has to change. Originality has to be encourage than just grading…

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