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Three Main Things You Should Know About Vodafone

Today, there are so many network providers who are offering cheaper and cheaper mobile phone deals in order to capture the market. Perhaps the most popular network provider at the moment is Vodafone, which offers the latest handset models from the leading mobile phone manufacturers like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and LG. These phones are offered by the company at very low prices – or sometimes, even for free – if you will get a tariff plan to go with it.


  • There is sure to be a price plan that will fit your budget

Since it is a very big player in the market, the company is able to offer so many different tariff plans for you to choose from. Having so many choices makes it easier to get the one that fits your budget the best. You can get rental deals, pay as you go deals, contract deals, monthly payment deals and even cash back offers. These price plans have been designed by the company so that all the different needs, preferences and budgets of various users can be taken into account.


  • The company can meet all your needs

The company is known for being able to provide high quality voice communication services, which is very important. Not only is the quality clear, the network coverage is also very wide to make sure you can be contacted no matter where you are.

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Due to the latest advancements in technology, most of the newer mobile phones support 3G connectivity to ensure quick data downloading. This company offers a lot of different services, including voice and data communication, to its many subscribers.


Other technological breakthroughs have also pushed the company to provide additional services such as GPRS, WLAN and HSPDA to make sure all of its customers will stay connected. Aside from these, it also offers mobile broadband services to give subscribers a really fast, satisfactory internet connection. This particular service is ideal for people who do a lot of travelling, and needs to stay connected the whole time.


  • The company has its own music store

In a further attempt to meet the needs of its subscribers, this wireless company has launched the Vodafone Music Store, where you can easily access and buy over 1.6 million different tracks. You can download the songs directly to either your music player, mobile phone or even your computer.


The store lets you purchase either complete albums or individual tracks, whichever you want. Once you’ve downloaded an album or a song, it is yours forever. You even have a choice of going for the value pack, where you can buy 10 different tracks for only £5.00, which is basically only 50p per track.


If you don’t want to download a track, you can choose unlimited listening instead for only £5.00 a month. With this plan, you have the option of listening to any of the 1.6 million tracks available on the online store, which is a pretty good deal.


There is also an application called the Music Station which could enable you to download from 3 million tracks for only £1.95 a week. Once you subscribe to this service, you even get the first week free. The application is very easy to set up and will allow you store and also share the tracks you downloaded, even if you switch mobile phones.


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