Making Exercise a Habit – The Surefire Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Making Exercise a Habit – The Surefire Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Recently, I met a friend in an event and he told me I am looking fit. He asked for my secret and I told him – I make exercise a habit. He said he also wants to be exercising on a regular basis but he is having a hard time sticking to his fitness routine.

Due to being disturbed by his issue, I put together tricks he can use to become one of the fitness faithful.

It’s quite easy to start a fitness routine, however, the difficulty lies in sticking with it.

The following are ways you can make exercise a habit to have a healthy lifestyle:

  • Do a series of activities you enjoy

No rule says you have to go to a gym or buy equipment. You have to engage in activities that you perform well at it regardless of the weather or time of day. When you have different activities, you won’t feel bored or lazy easily. For instance, you can combine weight lifting, walking, running, tennis, and aerobics classes instead of running only.

  • Dedicate to another person

Try to find someone that will act as your in-house personal trainer. That person can be your partner, friend or neighbor that can easily communicate with you. If it’s early morning jogging that you do, you need to find someone that always jog in the morning too. That way, the person can wake you up every morning while jogging.

  • Make exercise a main concern

You need to make exercising non-negotiable. The benefit of doing such is that friends and family members’ will know it’s part of your identity. By doing that, you would have eliminated any form of discouragement from them. For instance, performing push-ups for an hour in front of them will make them get accustomed to that routine.

  • Exercise first thing in the morning

Make sure the first thing you do in the morning is to exercise. If you are a parent, then you need to wake up before anyone else to be able to exercise. According to professionals, a morning schedule is always the best.

  • Be conscious of all the indicators of progress

You need to be conscious of all the indicators of progress. Whether your clothes fit better or you can lift heavier weights or your belly has shrunk, you need to take notice.


There is a general notion that practice makes perfect. Use the above ways to make exercise a habit if you want to have a healthy lifestyle.

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