Making THC E Liquid With Wax Liquidizer

Making THC E Liquid With Wax Liquidizer

THC e liquid is a favorite way to vape cannabis. The reasons folks prefer this method include how easy it is to do. Additionally, vaping THC e liquid can be very cost saving. It delivers vast customization options. Finally, vaping is much better for your overall health than smoking. These are overwhelming reasons to consider switching to vaping if you smoke cannabis.

There is a new option for cannabis vape lovers, thanks to a company called Wax Liquidizer. You can now make your own THC e liquid. Skip the high cost of pre-filled vape cartridges available in dispensaries with this method.

DIY THC e liquid offers benefits beyond these, which you’ll learn about today. Together, it’s hard to resist the urge to try this for yourself. 

What Is DIY THC E Liquid?

THC e liquid is a combination of mixing solution and cannabis concentrate. The concentrate could be shatter, wax, or BHO. Conversely, you may use crumble, isolate, and even add terps.

What results is a THC e liquid version of the nicotine vape juice some of your friends already make.

Why is the mixing solution necessary? Because standard vape mods aren’t designed for cannabis concentrates, thinning the concentrate is crucial. With this simple step, you can turn any standard vape from pod to sub-ohm mod into a cannabis vape pen.

This is actually not a new method. The pre-filled vape cartridges you find in dispensaries are full of the same mixture. They are not pure cannabis, despite what many consumers believe.

Therefore, creating your own vape juice infused with cannabis puts all of the power into your hands. With that power comes incredible customization and control. The cost savings is a huge benefit as well.

About Wax Liquidizer’s THC E Liquid Solution

Wax Liquidizer is the leading mixing solution on the market. It’s inexpensive and so simple to use you’ll never turn back.

Wax Liquidizer creates a stable mix that never separates. With proper use, it won’t turn black or ruin your precious concentrate. The company recommends that you follow their directions and then vape low and slow. You can dial your temperature up or down as needed thereafter.

The company operates in Denver, CO but ships to many worldwide locations.

Any questions you have are answered by the robust website the company created. There is a huge FAQ section for you to read. If that isn’t enough, the news section details how customers feel about the product and how it performs in different vape pens.

How To Make Your THC Vape Juice

Let’s cut to the chase. All you need to create your own juice is some wax, a heat source, and the liquidizer. By the way, there are 7 flavors to pick from. That’s more than you’ll find in most dispensaries’ vape cart selections.

You want to start with a 2:1 ratio of liquidizer to concentrate. Try that to begin and see how it performs in your vape. Remember that this is a DIY project at heart, so you may have to make some adjustments to get your perfect vape. However, many users experience no problems and vape immediately with no necessary modifications.

If you want a stronger experience and have a vape accustomed to thicker juice, try a 1:1 ratio next time. The opposite is also true. Mixing a 3:1 ratio thins down your wax and gives you a gentler experience.

The microwave is the easiest tool to use to heat your mix. If that bothers you, the website details how to apply gentle heat on the stovetop or even with hot water from a teakettle.

You will need to move your juice from your mixing container to your vape. The best tool for this is a blunt tip syringe, which you can find in vape shops or purchase from the company website. 

The THC E Liquid Customer Experience

Wax Liquidizer recently caught up with some vapers at a local vape lounge to get their comments about the taste and strength of the product. These vapers were not paid and gave their honest thoughts in real time. They comment about the smooth, subtle flavors and how easy the mix hits. All this in a simple, disposable cartridge on a basic 510 threaded battery.

Your results and the pleasure of the experience increase when you use the vape of your choice.

Troubleshooting UnCommon User Issues

If your juice turns dark, this may be because of the quality of your concentrate (sediment in it may burn), incompatibility between your battery and cartridge, or vaping at high temperatures.

If your mix separates, it has been exposed to extreme temperatures or was improperly mixed.

If your vape cannot handle the mix, although this is extremely uncommon, try another unit.

This product has been tested by users all over the world and the vast majority enjoy it and reorder. Reach out to the customer service team if you experience problems after purchase.



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