Maltina Nigeria – Are You Sure You Got 2 Million Hits on Your Site?

Maltina Nigeria – you make nice drinks and we enjoy them around the nation. We reported your success on your website hits few weeks ago


Maltina pay-off line of ‘sharing happiness’ and ‘Happy Moments promo have brought  the number of hits to the website to about two million within two weeks of unveiling.


Mrs. Ngozi Nkwoji, Senior brand manager, Maltina,, made this disclosure in Lagos, and said that the modus of participation in the promo is quite simple.


“All a consumer need to do is to take a snap shot of themselves, family members and friends while they are sharing happy moments. The photos can range from graduation, birthday party, beach outing etc. They are to upload such photos on the Maltina site, give a brief description and submit. A confirmation mail will then be sent to acknowledge receipt,” she said.


The best ‘Happy Moments’ will be selected and the owners would spend time with Nigerian celebrities.


No just us, many news media reported the 2 million visitors.


We have tracked many ways, but nothing shows that that site got close to 2 million visitors. A 2 million hit website in Nigeria will surely have a record in Alexa. Maltina Nigeria does not. It is ranked in millions (lower better) with no regional ranking on Nigeria. Google PageRank did not solve this puzzle. So who are those 2 million visitors? To appear in the top 3,000 website in Nigeria on Alexa, you need about 10,000 hits. How come you got 2m and not there?


Please if you know the website that reported this 2m visitors, let us know. We are a different kind of bloggers, we ask questions and follow up.


Maltina – we need your feedback, unless those numbers are fudged numbers. This is tekedia – we report data and not emotions or feelings! In the last two weeks, we have tracked this Maltina Nigeria site and nothing interesting goes there with regards to traffic. Yet, it goes N2m visitors, recently. How?

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