Managers and Administrators could conveniently deal with the Moral Licensing Syndrome when they seek more knowledge – Ismail Tiamiyu

Managers and Administrators could conveniently deal with the Moral Licensing Syndrome when they seek more knowledge – Ismail Tiamiyu

Ismail Tiamiyu is a new author in the block. He recently published a book on one of the less focused areas in human resource management- the Moral Licensing  Syndrome. He shares his excitement on the new book, the launch details and his future intention to contribute more to the development of quality human resource management with Rasheed Adebiyi. Here are the excerpts of the interview.

Tekedia: Could you please tell me about yourself?

Ismail Tiamiyu: I am Ismail Ayotunde Tiamiyu. I am a researcher and writer; I work as research and development officer at FarmKonnect Nigeria, one of the leading Agritech companies in Nigeria. My experience as a researcher at FarmKonnect has been quite thrilling — not only have I been exposed to the socio-political realities in the corporate setting, but I have also been afforded the opportunity to identify and solve problems, especially process related and management related problems in organizations. Therefore, my book was inspired mainly by the need to solve Human Resource Management related problems in the work economy. More so, having my first degree in sociology from the University of Ibadan has inculcated in me a motivation to always seek to understand human behaviours and appraise issues through sociological imagination. I have been taught by the best minds in the country, and I am proud of my Alma mata.

Tekedia: You recently wrote a book to be launched in the new year, what motivated you to write the book?

Ismail Tiamiyu: Well, like I have said earlier, the book is my own way of contributing to knowledge and resolving problems usually generated by Moral Licensing Syndrome in the workplace. More so, I aspire to direct the attention of administrators, employers and managers toward some organisational practises that are often taken for granted but are actually integral to promoting growth-driven processes and resolving Moral Licensing Syndrome in organizations.

Tekedia: What are the major takeaways and for whom are the book are meant?

Ismail Tiamiyu: Major takeaways from the book include how employers and managers can best deal with the issues generated by Moral Licensing in the organisation, and secondly, how employees or individuals can leverage their tendency for licensing to attain optimum efficiency rather than create deficiency in their respective vocations.

Tekedia: Tell us more about the launching?

Ismail Tiamiyu: The book will be launched on the 16th of January 2021. Launching is going to be virtual, utilizing both Zoom and Facebook. The event will be chaired by Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe of the Tekedia Institute. Professor has contributed immensely to human capital development and the success of many businesses in the country through his pedagogical and entrepreneurial prowess. My experience under his tutelage is one of the factors that actually inspired the production of the book. The Chief Launcher for the day is Mr Azeez Oluwole, Founder and CEO, FarmKonnect Nigeria. My Boss and mentor, Mr Oluwole is another significant influence on the production of the book. And Lara Yeku, Head of HR, Flour Mills Nigeria will give a review of the book.

Tekedia: What is next after this book? Should the world expect another gift from your pen?

Ismail Tiamiyu: I hope to produce a second edition of the book, working in conjunction with interested scholars with more experience in the subject matter. I am very optimistic that 2021 is going to be a massive year, and I am prepared to give the best to my readers and also expand the pool of my audience.

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