Managing Action Practices – Assignment From An Executive Coach


If you can do this exercise, you will learn a lot.  We got it from an executive coach.


Managing Action Practices





What Do I Care About

List what I care about in life and work – the answer to “for the sake of what” am I in action.

Overall Promise or Mission:

Come back to Care /Commitment.  What is the promise / mission to which I am committed and how will I know if I’ve fulfilled it?





  Headlines of Key Promises:

This is a summary listing of all the promises that are important to me or  my customers.  Each promise is listed with an abbreviated heading (i.e. FAST Process) and gets 1.  Details are in Discussion of Key Promises.




   Discussion of Key Promises and other projects:

The detail data and discussion on the key promises go here.  Each get a few lines which address the promise status, the date of the next action completion, and an assessment of whether the promise will be fulfilled on time and the next action to be completed.



Satisfaction of Key Customers:

Have a conversation and ask customers if they are satisfied. Report here along with dissatisfactions and actions I am taking to produce satisfaction in your next AMP.  Customer priorities may change and this is a place to discuss/discover.


  Actions from the Last 2 Weeks:

Report here on commitments for action that you made for the last 2 weeks.  Did I complete those that were due?  If not, what is the new commitment?  If I am not completing commitments that are due, what am I seeing or learning from this, and what are new actions do I see to take from the breakdown?


  Actions for Next Week and Beyond:

What actions am I committing to complete for the coming week or after, in order to fulfill your key promises or other requests?





  Key Accomplishments:

Assess against promises and announce accomplishments deserving recognition. Check in to the mood around this & celebrate.



   Red Flags:

Breakdowns – What is an issue requiring immediate action that threatens or can threaten a promise without action? List in priority order. Give myr assessment, any suggestions or list what is being done to take care of the issue, or what requests do I have. Then assess whether I believe the promise will be fulfilled based on the new actions.

 Overall Assessment:

What are my assessments or high level view of all the commitments I am managing? Are promises still relevant? Am I fulfilling the purpose of all the promises? (A. On target, B. Off target with viable correction plan, C. Need help to recover or must renegotiate)

Overall Value and Waste Assessment: 

Where the major opportunities with overall performance to are:  1. Reduce waste 2. Increase values




 What I Have Learned:

What have I learned since the last report, in terms of developing myself as an more effective manager of my commitments?  What areas am I focused on for my learning.



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