Many Business Directories in Africa – How Many Are Working And Why Consolidation Could Be The Roadmap

Across the continent, there are many business directories. Online Nigeria is a big one. VConnect is there. In Kenya, they have got Mocality. There is no shortage of  business directories.


Yet, when you visit these sites, you will not get much. It is not just working because the database is not rich. Funding is the key factor and these firms cannot deploy researchers or marketers to go and actually bring businesses online. It is a problem since most of the business owners are not ‘online generation’ and most do not understand the benefits.


What can be done here? Maybe they should just consolidate and bring their resources together. That is the best way to do this. Umuntu Media is building one across the continent, likewise Dealfish and many organizations are competing in this space. Competition is fine, yet, there could be a time to merge especially when funding is scarce.




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