Nigerian Developers – Work In Teams and Build Great Products. The Era of Lone Developers Is Gone

Gentlemen, now is the time to pass that ‘I built it alone’ mentality. It will not work and that will hurt the nation to compete. Tekedia challenges all the folks and developers to come together and work in teams. You may think someone will steal your idea – do not worry, he might have tried what you wanted to do a year ago and found it worthless. By not working in teams, Nigeria will not make great products and we will not compete with other parts of Africa effectively. So working in teams is what we need to do.


When you work in teams, you come up with better ideas and challenge one another. Even funding comes easier when folks work in teams. Let us keep that tradition and remember that it is better for 10 people to share a glory than one person to share none.


Let all these duplication of services in Lagos stop. Let guys come together and find ways to partner. Also, as much as possible, try to incorporate your business. It makes all the differences when those funding partners come.






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