What is eBay Waiting Before Buying This Kenyan Startup

Maduqa is a very sleek Kenya marketplace where buyers and sellers come together. We like the simplicity, the ergonomics and the level of integration the site provides. It looks decent and a platform for commerce.


If this company is well funded, it could be a possible platform for eBay to scale into Kenya. It is perhaps the best  among all the Kenyan companies in this sector.


Africa’s e-commerce is still at infancy because the web is just starting. The next phase will be building structures that will enable trust which will ideally help people to make buying decisions online without fear. This is going to become a very difficult challenge. The old history of Internet in Nigeria was that of fraud and 419. How can you change that? Not going to be easy. Most people do not just have that confidence to do business online.


But as people begin to see value and savings in cost, the web is going to boom with opportunities. What Maduqa offers is ideally a platform that can help people stay at home and order items and then receive them via posts. This a Kenyan site  – there are many like that in Nigeria.



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