May God Heal The Land

May God Heal The Land

Let us begin the healing. Let us find ways to have energy to rebuild. Tomorrow remains a promise. May God in His Grace give support to the families of our compatriots who paid the price for the peace and hope of tomorrow. May God bring wisdom to men and women in positions to lead.

And to those down in their spirits, we have hotlines you can call counsellors. I encourage everyone to begin to find energy to return. We still need a nation and we need to BELIEVE. May God heal the land. May God Bless Nigeria.

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For healing to begin, you must open your heart, anger has never solved problem anywhere, rather it leaves miseries and sorrow behind.

Some argue that it’s better to destroy everything, then start rebuilding from scratch, but again, the rest of the world aren’t so nice to wait for countries who are still struggling; so you have to battle your way to the front row.

Above all, not all of us are interested in seeking visas or foreign residency anywhere else, and calling me a refugee will be more insulting; so we still need a nation.

Anyone who loves Nigeria must continue pushing, to find constructive ways to make the country function; reducing everything to rubble cannot be most efficacious way to make it happen.

God bless Nigeria!


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