Microsoft Stabs Intel As Windows Moves To Arm Chips

Microsoft Stabs Intel As Windows Moves To Arm Chips

Microsoft is taking a new step to make it easier to run Windows software on computers powered by Arm-designed chips, rather than Intel processors, the software giant revealed Friday. In the past,  Windows apps ran slowly on Arm-powered devices. That was a relic of the mighty duopoly of the PC era—the Intel and Microsoft together known as “Wintel.“ But that relationship has been fraying over the past few years.

Microsoft is eager to move the Windows platform onto devices that are more mobile, which means bringing Windows onto the Arm chip architecture. Arm-based chips suck up less power than Intel chips; they already serve as main processor in every modern smartphone. Apple is also reportedly working towards using its own Arm chips for its Mac computers starting in 2020, Information newsletter summarizes.

Microsoft has unveiled official support for developer tools to create apps 64-bit Arm (Arm64) architecture apps for its Windows on Arm devices.

The Arm64 apps are designed for the Windows 10 on Arm convertibles like the new Lenovo Yoga C630 WOS and Samsung’s Galaxy Book2.

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