Nigeria Needs Environmental Leadership

Nigeria Needs Environmental Leadership

I took this photo in front of University of Lagos Guest House few years ago. I was a guest to the university, helping on some projects. As I look at the view (look well, you would see 3rd Mainland Bridge at the background), Zurich (Switzerland) comes to mind.

If you depart Zurich Central Station, you would behold a really fascinating water body. Nigeria has many of those water bodies but lack of local and national environmental leaderships have guaranteed that we have polluted and made them unusable.

Zurich (source: hotelcombined)

Do you know that the part of Waterside (Aba) that runs through School Road (near Aba Stadium) would have been a tourist destination if Mother Nature has created that in Paris. But in Nigeria, it is a landfill (yes, waterfill).

As I travel around the world, there is nothing beautiful any nation can boast that Nigeria does not have. The problem is that we have not worked hard to unlock them.

View from UNILAG Guest House

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