Tekedia Mini-MBA for Governments Signs A Major Client

Tekedia Mini-MBA for Governments Signs A Major Client

This morning, I spoke with a governor. Tekedia Mini-MBA for Governments gets its first major client. Our proposal to state is simple: we will help you transform from being inventive to becoming innovative. 

Tekedia Mini-MBA Corporate is a customized version of the general Tekedia Mini-MBA. It is  designed for private and public institutions. It focuses on the same theme of innovation, growth and digital execution. But unlike the 12-week general Mini-MBA, the Corporate vision goes for 4, 6, 8,10 or 12 weeks.

Through Tekedia Mini-MBA for Governments, a flavour of Tekedia Mini-MBA for Corporates, but structured for the public sector, we work with governments across many dimensions which include training of workers, training of constituencies (like youth), acceleration of innovation initiatives, and more. Email for our brochure.

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