Tekedia Institute Launches Tekedia Mini-MBA LIVE (Mon – Sat, 11am WAT)

Our grand goal one day is to put Tekedia Mini-MBA on TV. I do believe that if we can help our communities with management processes, many would advance their missions. And educating on those management systems must be done practically.  Yes, just telling someone that loading his cash in a drawer, and dipping his hands whenever, would also lead to one outcome: relocating to the village broke. 

Tekedia Live Channel

On that note, Tekedia Institute is unveiling Tekedia Mini-MBA Live – a live ecosystem for deeper conversations, Q/As and more. Live would run on weekdays and Saturdays; 30 minutes for weekdays (Monday to Friday) and 60 minutes for the weekend. All sessions begin 11am Lagos time.

Attending Live is of course optional, and all sessions would be recorded and posted in the Board. This service becomes necessary as we have noticed that during Live sessions, members take up responsibilities to help one another. Hopefully, that support mechanism will continue as that is really the most important part of this program. Everyone is a learner and that is why we are all co-learning and co-sharing.

This service is exclusive to current members of Tekedia Mini-MBA. You can register for an ongoing class here or join the one beginning Aug 10

How to get to Live would be provided in the Board. We would also provide weekly schedules with invited guests, faculty in session, etc and associated topics.

 Live begins this Saturday, July 11 2020.

1. Register for Tekedia Mini-MBA here (Aug 10 - Dec 3). Four months, online, and costs $140 or N50,000 naira. We also have Certificate courses on logistics, startups, career dev, etc.
2. Read my new book, The Dangote System: Techniques for Building Conglomerates.

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