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Missed Out On Tamadoge? The Big Eyes Coin Might Pose Some Opportunities For You In 2022

Missed Out On Tamadoge? The Big Eyes Coin Might Pose Some Opportunities For You In 2022

The cryptocurrency market is a goldmine of several opportunities, and it gets even better for users who can catch up on these opportunities early. The Tamadoge coin has done some good numbers for investors who got in early and bought the token at the early stage of the presale. The cryptocurrency had raised over $19 million weeks before the end of the presale. Tamadoge token is in high demand, and experts even predict a price increase of over $0.06.

With the Tamadoge presale closing, the Big Eyes coin(BIG) is another meme coin posing some opportunities for investors in 2022. The meme coin’s unique offering gets even more interesting because the coin is cat-themed, setting a precedence for the next generation of meme coins. Let’s find out more in this article.

Tamadoge (TAMA) 

Tamadoge (TAMA) is one new cryptocurrency that has caused quite a stir in the cryptocurrency community. Though the project hasn’t launched yet and is currently rounding up its presale, it has gathered some massive buzz and a bullish community of investors. Tamadoge is one of the first meme coins with an NFT platform, its unique metaverse, called the Tamaverse, and other common blockchain features like the P2E mechanism and token utilization.

Tamadoge was created using the same structure as Dogecoin, but its creators wanted it to compete with other well-known metaverse initiatives. Therefore, it was built to surpass Dogecoin in terms of utility. The ecosystem uses Doge’s popularity to attract the attention of possible backers and has also been tagged the next meme coin to surpass Dogecoin. Tamadoge’s debut has been a great success so far. TAMA has grown to be one of the most valuable meme coins even before launch and stands to be one of the top coins to look forward to in the coming year.

Tamadoge is currently tagged the future of meme coins. Suppose you missed out on purchasing the token in the early days of the presale. In that case, the Big eyes coin is another cryptocurrency to look out for, and experts believe could perform even better than Tamadoge. Let’s discuss more Big Eyes in detail below.

Big Eyes Coin(BIG)

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a cat-themed meme coin focused on bringing wealth into the crypto landscape. Since the presale started, the meme coin has gathered some hype and buzz in the past few weeks. The network made a wise choice in selecting a kitten as its logo, making the meme coin a cat inspired project that is quite different from the usual dog-themed coins we see more often.

Big Eyes Coin is not only inspired by adorable cute cats but also kind. The network is on a mission to save the world from the effects of climate change by donating money to ocean preserves. The network also intends to join other charitable causes, like donating $1000 to the luna children.

Big eyes coin is wrapping up its stage 2 presale, which means there is still a window for investors looking to buy the network for cheap. Join the network presale here.


For more information:

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/?section=buy

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