Mobile Business Will Rule This Decade – Develop a Plan Today!

There are more than 4 billion mobile devices in use today. Mobile users are not lesser. It is estimated that more than 5 billion SIM cards had been activated. The world is moving and transitioning to the mobile ecosystem. Unlike the previous technology phase, the developing world is planning a major role this time.


The simple fact is that mobile is here and mobile will drive the business of this decade. When you recall that it took ages for PC to get close to a billionth sale, you will appreciate the power of mobile. It seems very simple for the mobile business. How many bank customers do we have in the developing world? Very few as many remain unbanked. But there are millions of them in the mobile landscape.


We simply think that mobile business makes sense and any organization not planning in this domain is missing a huge opportunity. From health to education, mobile will play a major role.


So when you think about your business redesign, think about mobile. Find a way that mobile will change your business and make it more agile to the evolving trends of the 21st century.


If you do not have a mobile strategy, you could be in trouble. From banking to entertainment, the future is mobile. You must develop your business to be mobile readiness. In other words, you need a mobile business development plan.


What is mobile business development? We refer to wikipedia for answer.


Mobile business development is a category of business development which focuses on attracting new customers in the Mobile Web markets. There are large efforts being made to make innovative mobile ICT services work. Examples of these services include mobile tourist guides and shopping guides for consumers. As an emerging trend, technology and service providers combine their expertise and resources to design these services. This incorporates designing several models: the Value network, a Value proposition, a Revenue model and a Technological architecture.

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