Mobile Device Geography – Top Mobile Device Makers By Country And Q1 2011 Sales

Mobile devices are perhaps the hottest gizmos of the last few years. Billions have been sold. Yet, only a few nation controls the whole business.  Nokia remains on top with Samsung following closely.  In the top league, Europe has one representative (again Nokia), with China pushing hard from very behind with three makers in ZTE, HTC and Huawei. Japan has lost ground with Sony-Ericsson selling only 2m units in Q1 2011. For North America, Apple and RIM carry the banners. But remember, this does not tell the whole story. Why? The Chinese makers can knock everyone off the chart in the next few years.


Tekedia has broken down the top makers by location. The numbers are in millions of units sold (Q1 2011).


  • Nokia, Finland, 108

  • Samsung, South Korea, 69

  • LG, Japan, 24

  • Apple, US, 17

  • RIM, Canada 13

  • Motorola, US, 9

–  ZTE, China, 2.3

  • HTC, China, 2.2

–  Sony Ericsson, Japan 2

–  Huawei, China, 1.6


Sources:  Businessweek,  SEC, Fortune,, Tekedia Intellgience


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