How To Get A Good Job – And What Startups Hiring Managers Must Do To Get Best Talents

The economy is still struggling to bounce back to pre-recession state. Unemployment is high. In some countries, there seems to be no model to explain how many unemployed people could find jobs. In Freetown, it is reported that youth unemployment is around 70%. In the U.S., general unemployment figure  is close to 10%. In Nigeria, the graduate unemployment approaches 30% – 50% (our number). So how can someone get a  job in today’s economy.


Tekedia has compiled these simple steps to help, especially for those that lost their jobs in the last recession and hoping to return back:


  • Demonstrate mastery of your field

You need to show you know your job despite the fact you were cut during the last recession. This could come by writings and other ways you can use to showcase your knowledge of your industry.

  •  Motivate yourself

Nothing gets people elevated in life than being self-motivators. They like to work and get things done whether anyone is pushing them or not. They have expertise in figuring out solutions to tough problems.

  • Agility matters

Can you manage different things or even positions as the organization’s needs evolve? Can you become a strategic thinker today and tomorrow you will be an executor of plans. Can you lead operations today and tomorrow be asked to produce a ten year vision summary.

  •  Keep records

You have won laurels in your old job or career. Are you keeping them? Can you demonstrate that you have done any solid and commendable job before? You need to show those awards

  •  Result oriented

You do not rest until a solution is found for a problem. You are a very resourceful person in figuring out solutions.


What Hiring Managers Need To Do To Get Talents

And for the hiring managers that are looking out for talents in the open world, there are many qualified people there. All you need is to look and you will find them. The key thing is knowing how to discover them.


We have listed below some tips that can help any hiring manager get a team of stars.


  • You need to hire fast because timing matters in startups.
  • Do not neglect referrals. Call and find out what those claims are.
  • Be very objective and be focused when hiring. Do not be distracted by subjective things as non-performance related things. If you like men on black suits and the best candidate has a gray one, do not disqualify him because tomorrow the black suite guy may never wear it. He might have borrowed it and the gray one may have many blacks ones.
  • Do not take people serious. Break them with jokes. Find out if they can adapt in case your company needs them to do new things. In this age, nothing is static. Firms continue to change as competition demands. You need mobile and adaptive manpower to stay in business.
  • Business wins by hiring the right people. It comes down to relevance and character. He seems to be talented, but right there he has no character. He has excused you thrice to pick a call. No decency. He may not be organized and your projects can suffer. Is he/she relevant? Yes. But does he has character to meet that deadline at very demanding pressure. No. You will have a decision to make.
  • Remember, not all people that come for interviews have interest to work for you. Some have offers but want to honor your call. It is also left for you to convince them. Do not be deceived that it is a one way system. Some just want to get the free hotel stay and the next day confirm an offer with another company.

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