Mobile Money Geography of Kenya

Mobile Money Geography of Kenya

Kenya is arguably the seat of mobile money innovation in Africa. This is where it stands today, courtesy of Equity Bank


  • 20M mobile subscribers; 12M (60%) mobile money subscribers since inception in 2004
  • No. of Mobile Money payment points countrywide – 71,800
  • Volumes per year for Mobile Money – Ugx. 2.28 Trillion (2010)
  • No. of Mobile Money transactions per day – 1.2 Million


From the plot above, Kenyans could spend up to 15% on low value transaction fees. Notice that the plot is step plot. That means as you move right, it steps the difference in cost. For a transaction of 90,000, the transaction cost is about 5%  whereas for 10,000 it is 14% for Orange Money.

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