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Moshnake Game-Fi service could surpass Cardano and Axie Infinity in the long term

Moshnake Game-Fi service could surpass Cardano and Axie Infinity in the long term

Crypto projects with Game-Fi functionalities are rapidly becoming rampant in the crypto space. These crypto projects go a long way to developing new entertaining ideas that will entertain their players. Others help recreate preexisting games and appeal to the nostalgic feelings of their community members.

Game-Fi platforms provide a fun environment and create opportunities for their players to earn sizable rewards for their participation. Two virtual gaming platforms designed to offer next-generation DeFi and Game-Fi services to crypto enthusiasts are Axie Infinity and Moshnake.

Although these platforms offer Game-Fi services, they are unique in several ways. This article will discuss the features of these two crypto projects. It will also compare the Moshnake, Axie Infinity, and Cardano crypto projects.

Features Of The Moshnake Game-Fi platform

The Moshnake Game-Fi platform utilizes snakes as its avatars. The players have direct control over the snakes, and he feeds them so they can compete and win battles with other snakes.

The Moshnake is a significant step up from its predecessors. While the old versions allowed users to play against the environment or an AI, Moshnake facilitates teamwork. It allows its users to team up and take part in virtual snake-vs-snake combat.

Users can team up to form a team of 2 or 4, develop a strategy, and engage in battle. The winner of the combat will receive the rewards.

In preparing players for combat, the Moshnake ecosystem implements a “combat balance.” This protocol helps to match players to ensure all players have an equal opportunity to win.

Rewards within the Moshnake ecosystem will exist as one of its native cryptocurrencies issued by the platform. There are two such cryptocurrencies hosted on the Binance Smart Chain network.

  1. Moshnake (MSH) is the primary cryptocurrency used to govern the Moshnake platform. It is a security token used to pay transaction validators within the Moshnake ecosystem. There will only be 1 billion of these cryptocurrencies.
  2. Venom (VEN): This cryptocurrency plays the role of an in-game asset or the cryptocurrency used to complete all transactions within the Moshnake ecosystem. There will only be 20 billion of these digital assets.

Moshnake (MSH) and Venom (VEN) also support the general features of crypto assets. For example, users can trade and use them as a store of value over time.

Moshnake Versus Cardano And Axie Infinity

The Axie Infinity game has features similar to Moshnake, allowing users to interact with its metaverse using NFT-like creatures called Axies. Like Moshnake NFT snakes, each Axie has unique features that make them rare.

Axies can be purchased from the NFT marketplace, raised, and bred to create new Axie. Each Axie has a unique skill that makes them suitable for user battles. In these contests, the player earns significant rewards that he can withdraw from the game platform.

Cardano is an Ethereum killer blockchain. Its operations make it one of a kind in this space. Cardano operates as a modified proof-of-stake platform using “Ouroboros,” an improved POS protocol with Byzantine Fault Tolerance protocol to help it run smoothly.

Moshnake will not utilize time and resources to build and manage its blockchain. Instead, the Binance Smart Chain will provide power to facilitate its operations. Resulting in fewer fees and faster transactions compared to the Ethereum blockchain.

The Moshnake Crypto Tokens

The Moshnake native tokens are easily accessible to all interested parties. The Moshnake ecosystem will host a presale for 120 million MSH cryptocurrencies. This presale will occur in two stages. The first stage will offer the MSH tokens at $0.04 during the first phase and $0.045 during the second phase.

It has also made provisions for others who cannot afford to buy the presale. In addition, there will be an airdrop of tokens for all who balloted. This giveaway is to get as many individuals into the Moshnake ecosystem as possible.

Participation in the Moshnake token presale is straightforward. You will need to have a secure crypto wallet which you must fund with ETH, BNB, or USDT tokens.

The next step is to visit the Moshnake presale website, accessible through its official website via https://moshnake.io. Then, connect your wallet to the website and initiate the transaction.

Once the purchase is successful, you can claim your MSH tokens at the end of the presale.


Moshnake has incredible things to offer members of its crypto community. When you buy and hold its tokens, you secure your spot for rewards within the Moshnake ecosystem. Prepare yourself to purchase the MSH token during presale when it starts so you don’t miss out on its benefits.


Website: https://moshnake.io

Telegram: https://t.me/MoshnakeOfficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/moshnakeToken

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