Move Over Captcha, We Now Use FactCha – A UN Millenium Dev Goal Becomes The Question

Factcha protects your site from spam by posing a challenge to the user to confirm he/she is human. It is similar to Captcha except the challenge posed regards the Millenium Development Goals established by the UN.


Website visitors filling out a form are presented with a challenge that only a human user can complete. Rather than the challenge being an arbitary question, it regards the UN’s Millenium Development Goals, thereby helping build awareness.



If you have not signed up for keys for your domain, kindly click hereto do so first. If you have already signed up for a set of keys, you now need to install FACTCHA on your site.Installation is done in two parts. First, you need to download the FACTCHA Scripts and then read the HOW-TO Documentation to configure your forms.

  • Go to download FACTCHA Scripts
  • Go to FACTCHA HOW-TO Documentation

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