Move Your Company Training School To Tekedia Institute

Move Your Company Training School To Tekedia Institute

We onboarded  a special partner today.  The client, a midsize microfinance bank, has outsourced its business training school to Tekedia Institute. We are very thankful because now its workers will learn of things happening in Lagos, and not just esoteric cases in New York and London via training packages developed somewhere in New York with no relationship to the business climate in Nigeria. 

And the fun part: all the Executive Directors are now faculty along with the CEO in their [email protected] Institute. We worked with them to develop their courses and maintained that if they want the mission to work, they need to teach the team. The time of outsourcing to London and New York via mass training packages is over! 

I want to speak with you on how to bring a part of your company training program into Tekedia Institute. Outsource it to us; the courseware will be uniquely designed and developed for your needs. There will be a timetable with HR when the team members will be going for training. 

The way to learn has changed; adapt and thrive. Contact my team today.


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