MoYoTv – A Ghanian Redefines Youth Television

Dollie Darko, a 43 year-old, daring, ambitious Ghanaian-born lady is revolutionizing   television programming for young people all across the globe.  She is the founder and CEO of MoYoTv.
MoYoTv is an innovative, socially-conscious Internet television network with social networking features to air quality streaming video and original made-for-Internet TV programs to inform, engage, inspire and empower the Generation X, Y, and Zeds, the 16-30 year-old demographic, globally.


MoYoTv is a television network that dares to be different, intelligent, sexy, and quality-driven. Its programming is designed to give the “digital breed” the opportunity to have fun learning valuable new things of lasting importance they do not get from schools, traditional and cable television as well as internet television networks.


MoYoTv’s vision is to produce original broadcast, quality topical and interactive 15 and 30 minute made-for-Internet television talk shows; variety shows; drama series; and films that add value to the lives of young people; and viewed globally on computers and smart phones. MoYoTv celebrates educational, intellectual and professional achievements as well as the good in our young people.


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