Mr. President, this is your moment for leadership

Mr. President, this is your moment for leadership

Mr. President, this is your moment for leadership. Step forward and save your nation from ruins. From the east to the west, north to south, and beyond, fractures are emerging. Kaduna is more than a city – it is the political capital of our nation’s northern part. If you allow Kaduna to fade, an irreversible chain reaction will follow.

I have a recommendation for you – call an Option A4 Sovereign National Conference where from ward to local government to state to geopolitical zone, Nigerians will come together to talk. Wards send leaders to LGAs, and LGAs send to states, etc until we get to the national level.

When everyone is a victim, solutions could come by getting them together to talk. Get the country together – and I suggest you hold a press conference and speak by yourself.

Talk to Owerri, talk to Ekiti, talk to Kaduna, talk to Jos…now is the moment for the chronicles of history! I will always wish you good luck for the good of the nation. This is the 1am call which only presidents answer. Nigeria has called – please answer.

#GodBlessThePresident. #GodBlessNigeria


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