MutiChoice Launches DStv Internet for Home Internet

MutiChoice Launches DStv Internet for Home Internet

Hello DStv Internet. DStv Internet is a fixed-wireless-access service, which means that customers can now get connected to the Internet with a Sim card and Wi-Fi router – a perfect option for those who do not have fibre in their residential area but want to access the Internet regularly using various devices in their home. 

Sorry, that service is only available in South Africa. But expect in the near future for MutiChoice, parent company of DStv, to be offering internet services in Africa. Today, MTN is powering that in South Africa but I can assure that if Elon Musk makes progress in the continent with SpaceX Starlink satellite broadband solution, DStv which is already in homes via those cables will be a natural partner.

As that happens, expect a double play strategy where the DStv programming will remain the one oasis while DStv internet will cover the flanks for any frontal attack from Netflix. Yes, if you do not want to go through the air (satellite/TV) and prefer the web, I (DStv) want to assure you (Netflix) that I run an ISP (internet service provider) business and can pipe my preferred shows faster.

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It is a great vision: buy your home internet and TV shows from one brand. Yes, bundling things work and DStv is deepening its moat on the web: watch that football game via another content provider and pay full fees on broadband, but bundle with DStv, the meter is turned off.

MultiChoice has launched DStv Internet with MTN as its network partner to provide Internet access to those who do not have access to fibre services.

The company said that the move is to diversify its offering as part of MultiChoice’s ongoing evolution from a traditional video entertainment business.

DStv Internet is a fixed wireless access service, and the company said it will use a SIM card and Wi-Fi router.


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One thought on “MutiChoice Launches DStv Internet for Home Internet

  1. Makes sense, based on its market penetration level, so it won’t look like a new firm trying to sell internet services to you. Rather it’s simply telling you, if you are a Multichoice customer, why not adopt its internet services? You get access to both entertainment and internet services.

    They will be defined by quality of service, affordability is a secondary matter, because there are other options.

    If Starlink appears, those who quickly raise their hands up and have a foothold in the market, could become natural partners.

    We are watching…


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