My Forbes Africa Interview is Out – “2020 to 2030 will be the decade of agri-tech”

My Forbes Africa Interview is Out – “2020 to 2030 will be the decade of agri-tech”

Forbes Africa went out to look for agtech innovators. My company, Zenvus, was selected as one of the top three agtech innovators in Africa by Forbes Africa. Forbes Africa spoke with me few weeks ago. The piece is out on print. The skinned web version is here.  The magazine also quoted me, noting: ””2020 to 2030 will be the decade of agri-tech,” Ekekwe tells FORBES AFRICA.’

The new innovators talking tech to power in Africa’s agricultural economies. Could they be the future of farming and the continent’s path out of poverty?

Picture this: remote rural Africa, where communities assiduously farm vast stretches of arable land not knowing anything about digital technology or drones that can transform their lives.

Now picture this: forward-thinking innovators and entrepreneurs who swap the city for the village and lend these communities the tech and savvy to change farming – and their fortunes – forever.

Agriculture, the mainstay of Africa’s informal economies, needs a facelift, and some new faces to talk tech to power. Agri-tech is the buzzword, and we profile three innovators spearheading change in their communities. They grew up on these farms, and knowing their earth best, have created the technology they need, in turn revolutionizing agriculture, from the little corners of Africa.

About Zenvus

Zenvus is a pioneering precision farming technology company that uses computational algorithm and electronics to transform farms. Zenvus collects soil fertility and crop vegetative health data to deliver precision agriculture at scale. It then uses the aggregated and anonymized data to deliver financial services to farmers.

NB: There are some errors in the piece. Zenvus was founded in 2015 with USAID fund, not 2011.


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