My Juice is Nuta – 100% Organic Pineapple and Lemon Juice, all Naturally Brewed on African Fire

My Juice is Nuta – 100% Organic Pineapple and Lemon Juice, all Naturally Brewed on African Fire

A friend asked me to create the type of juice I want – hopefully the juice making industry can make one for me. Here is my imagination on the juice I am craving right now.

Dear Kim,

I am visiting Nairobi and I met an old friend who invited me to a local party. We had studied together in the University of Kentucky many years ago. My office had sent me to help open a new branch in Nairobi and while we were in the opening ceremony, some government representatives came. She was one of them. After the program, she asked me to come over to her house at the outskirts of the town. It was a very great evening with great local food and drinks.

After the trip, something is brewing in my mind. There is certainly a better drink for this world. I met a lot of natural tasting organic drinks in Kenya but I do think there is one that does not exist which I am planning to see how to make and I am hoping that you will be one of my paid customers to sample it.

My drink is called Nuta. It will be made with organically grown pineapple mixed with lemon. The look will be like a typical Tropicana juice when served on glass but the taste will be like tasting raw pineapple mashed with lemon. It will have a spicy taste with some gingers which will be added. That will make it also a little pepperish. There will be no preservative or chemical in any form because the fermentation process will be organically done. I like the taste of the juice from Nairobi.

Nuta will be all natural and will be made and consumed within 12 hours of brew. Customers will be served live and no packaging is necessary. However, to ensure scale, we will make a power version which can be used with added water and left for 10 minutes to get through production phase at home. So, we will have it in powder and pure liquid forms.

The vitamin will be natural and minerals totally intact with none lost during production. It will be labeled 100% organic because everything will be sourced from pure organic farmlands from rural farmers with no chemicals used in the farming process. It will deliver wholesomeness goodness and will drive unprecedented value on nutritional content.

It will be mama’s juice for the whole family.

Nuta will be available at home, offices and restaurants and will be distributed nationwide. We will sell it in Chipotle and Whole Foods because these brands symbolize the modernity we desire from natural foods.

Our uniqueness is the quality of the ingredients, production process and nutritional value.

Nuta Snack will also come on the way and will be made with pure organic ingredients processed the way some natives are processing their food systems with firewood in rural Africa with no chemical process.  I am hoping that Nuta products will be the first 100% all-natural, no nutrient-loss brand in the world and will be promoted by UNICEF, FAO and WHO.

When we see next week, I will give you more details. But please plan to place an order as I need some money to move into production of Nuta.




NB: This is just an imagination but this thought-process is something I just want to share.

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