My Letter to State Commissioner Today

My Letter to State Commissioner Today

I sent this email to a commissioner of agriculture in a Nigerian state. Please forward it to your state commissioner or better His Excellency.  If you do, please get back to us: we have something really exciting for you. The contact came from a present client.

Dear Sir,

Greetings! I am writing to explain that we have a comprehensive agro-solution which provides services in all the key areas of crop farming. Our solutions are designed to support farmers to improve farm productivity and most importantly become business-people. Here are some features:

  1. Zenvus Boundary: Zenvus Boundary enables the mapping of farms while helping governments to easily verify ownership of farms and farmlands via search. With Zenvus Boundary, if two people register one land as belonging to them, the system will automatically trigger a flag. With our technology, your state can easily search owners of farmlands on our public search which helps banks, insurers, governments etc to ascertain farmland control. This helps banks make loans to farmers as they can authenticate control fast.
  2. Zenvus Services: Zenvus Services provide farm diary, digital platforms to sell items, farm insurance solutions, farm capital, city-level pricing information and even the ability for farmers to raise money from neighbors in exchange for produce in farms. We would help your state farmers and businesspeople expand markets, deepen services and advance the state.
  3. Zenvus sensors: We have the most advanced small-scale precision sensors in African agriculture, making it easier for farmers to make decisions based on farm needs.
  4. Zenvus Fusion: This solution is designed to help governments map soil nutrition across farmlands and make that information freely available to farmers. The goal is to make it possible to apply the right fertilizers. Your state can build the soil geography of the state just as U.S. has. That will help farmers advance the state’s agricultural mission.

We would be honored for the opportunity to work with the state. Our solutions provide jobs for the youth even when improving local economy and general wellbeing. We would treasure an opportunity to present before you and His Excellency.

As always, on behalf of your fellow citizens, we thank you for serving our Nation.


Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Founder, Zenvus


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