My Personal Business Development Target for 2018

My Personal Business Development Target for 2018

Team is closing for the year tomorrow (that does not affect Tekedia which will continue sharing insights all through the holiday and Christmas break. Yes, I will be here daily.) The accountants have run the numbers and they looked exceedingly great. 2017 is our best year ever in our business. Our Advisory Services business quadrupled in revenue. Zenvus broke every metric we set in multiples. And our innovation deepened across our businesses. Our Intel FPGA partnership brought huge growth in Eastern and Southern Africa. Our cybersecurity business grew 10x with licensing rights to universities and partnerships with companies.

I have also set a personal business development target for 2018: join a board of a public-traded company. I am in some private ones but I want the public one. I want to know what they discuss in those small rooms under the weight of compliance regulations. Those men and women run the world, and I want to experience it.  I have no clue how that will happen, but we have 12 months ahead.

Yes, if your firm is traded in EU/UK, U.S., South Africa and Nigeria and you need a visionary in your Board, you can make this target come live. I have the multi-threat experiences: banker, academic, entrepreneur/businessman and designer. I want to learn and also share insights that will help a firm. This would be awesome. I am waiting for your emails via the Contact Us page here.

Have a great new year ahead.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe



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  1. I wish you more success and to start counting in billion dollars soon,it will only take one intelligent and exceptional product for a major transformation.


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