NACOSS – Nigerian ICT Online Community. Get Into The Game And Co-create


Thanks to the reader that sent us this link. Ok, NACOSS is a community for ICT students, professionals and hobbyists in Nigeria. Get in there and get your profile.


1NACOSS.COM – is a 21st century community site for Nigerian computer youths, Lecturers, Professors, etc; connecting talents within and outside Nigeria. 1NACOSS.COM stands to ensure you will never lose connection with fellow nacoss members. It Serves as a perfect medium for solving your numerous ICT problems.


This community site is for ICT researchers, programmers, developers, networkers, engineers, general ICT needs, among others. 1NACOSS brings unity among nacoss members all over Nigeria and beyond, nacoss members will never seize to come close to each other, share ideas and catch some fun.


Fellow Nacossites, ICT is indeed a great opportunity for us to explore and affect live positively. Always remember the creative and innovative ones rule the world. Also the ladder to success does not care who climb it, rather it takes the courageous one to get through. Let’s give it our best and surely with 1NACOSS.COM, we shall be there.

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