Ndubuisi Ekekwe Independence Day Address to LinkedIn Nation, Nigeria

Ndubuisi Ekekwe Independence Day Address to LinkedIn Nation, Nigeria

Fellow Citizens of LinkedIn Nation,

Thank you for the honour of asking me to deliver this message as the President of the LinkedIn Nation Nigeria.  I grew up in a village and was brought up with the African values of decency, honor and service. Since I left that village for my university education in Owerri, our nation has provided immense opportunities to me. I remain grateful to Nigeria.

As your President, I will institutionalize great moments across homes and communities, uniting all of us to a shared vision of a great nation that is open, dynamic, prosperous and hopeful. From the lagoons of Lagos to the mangrove of Calabar, from the savanna of Yola through the plateau of Jos, to the beautiful forests of Abakiliki, men and women, boys and girls and indeed all citizens will experience an unbounded optimistic future because we will serve.

I will usher in a new dawn of nationalism to enable us achieve great success through societal energy. It will be based on substance, and fueled by visible economic roadmaps for all. Nationalism will bring our diasporas to return with money, investment ideas, global standards, networks and passion to build our nation. They will help develop national pride and confidence, with skill and effectiveness, to harness our national power for national purpose, by using our cottage of intellectuals, artisans, professionals and patriots.


To build a nation, I present these pillars. I invite you to come and join this government. We will make our nation the finest where all men and women will come to cherish.

A Greater Nigeria, Good People – Happy Independence Day.

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Inaugural Address by Ndubuisi Ekekwe, President, LinkedIn Nation



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5 thoughts on “Ndubuisi Ekekwe Independence Day Address to LinkedIn Nation, Nigeria

  1. The evolution is on, from LinkedIn Nation to Nigerian Nation, time will take care of everything. It is from mathematical models that physical products come to be, from engineering perspective of course.

    The purpose of medicine is not to cure any particular ailment, but rather to put the sick person on the road to recovery, as far as possible.

    For our generation, we may not necessarily need to cure Nigeria of its many diseases, but to ensure that we put it on the road to recovery, as far as possible, before we vacate from this planet.

    God bless Nigeria!


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