DSTv and GOTv (Igbo) Documentary About Me Re-run

DSTv and GOTv (Igbo) Documentary About Me Re-run

A Linkedin user has promised to link me up with the producers of the documentary which I had written that appeared on Africa Magic Igbo program on GOTv. I woke up to read “Hello Prof, your documentary that aired on Africa magic Igbo both on Dstv and Gotv 6pm the first day and a repeat at 7:30am the next day was done…can link you with the producers of the program”. Yes, I did not even know it ran twice and also on Dstv, according to the user.

Thank you GOTv and Africa Magic (Igbo) for the documentary about my humble self today, in Nigeria. I knew nothing about it but it does not matter. You have just made me an “actor”; only Nollywood actors and actresses appear on Africa Magic! Sure, documentary is part of entertainment.

Next time, I will like to actually drop some words. Bring me on board as I want to be part of such. I am very confident we can inspire young people, and show them they could do greater things. My Aba Design Center will be reaching out to ask for the tapes. This is appreciated

Last night, a kinsman called me that he would be submitting my name to his really small party to consider me as their Vice Presidential candidate! People, this is what you get when you appear on TV instead of ranting on LinkedIn or blog with all our privileges of smartphones and data plans. On the VP one, I told the man to hold the brake. Some of these small parties are very crazy. One had in its manifesto yesterday proposing to rename Nigeria and Naira to Pisonia and Pison respectively. For that party, doing those two things would liberate Nigeria and kickstart economic opportunities.

Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) on Thursday said if elected into power in 2019, it would construct perimeter fence around Nigeria and change the name of the country and the currency.

Acting National Chairman of the Party, Dr Olusegun Ijagbemi, stated this at a news conference in Abuja.

He said that the need to change the name of the country and its currency was divinely revealed to the leadership of the party, adding that the changes were important if Nigeria must make progress.

According to Ijagbemi, “the 14th pillar of our party is to change the name of Nigeria to Pisonia and its currency from Naira to Pison.

“It is a miracle that the leadership of this party got a wind of how the entire African nation is being impoverished with their currency.

If we get the documentary, I will share when it would run again on DSTv and GOTv channels. It does not seem they do post on YouTube since the whole idea is to get people to pay for cable subscription.


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  1. Congratulations. This inspiring piece of work needs to be made available to your brother’s and sisters in the Diaspora.

    Even a short clip of the highlights would suffice. Jenny O.


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