Ndubuisi Ekekwe Will Be Speaking in National Assembly Abuja on Nov 21

Ndubuisi Ekekwe Will Be Speaking in National Assembly Abuja on Nov 21

On Nov 21, 2019, I will be speaking in the National Assembly – the Nigerian parliament. You know in my speeches, I have been making a case that Nigeria MUST get to $3 trillion GDP by 2030 (from sub-$500 billion today) if we want to equilibrate on our population growth, and avert pockets of nano-conflicts. Behind the scenes, I have written roadmaps on how we can architect that redesign. This presentation is part of moving to the next phase as the committee I am working is bringing university vice chancellors, business leaders, public sector leaders, etc for a day to examine how to architect growth through industrial reforms.

My optimism in Nigeria is unbounded because we have a solid capability firmware to build an operating system of unconstrained growth which will be felt across industrial sectors! Just think about it: if you put liquidity velocity in all farmlands in Nigeria, you will reduce severe poverty by more than 29% overnight as assets which are dead will suddenly have value to serve the owners! 

Yes, those poor people in villages holding large farmlands will become richer. Doing that requires a new roadmap with technology under a governance system which the National Assembly must design and empower by law.

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There needs to be new ways to use legislative policies to unlock latent opportunities and unleash growth in this economy.


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One thought on “Ndubuisi Ekekwe Will Be Speaking in National Assembly Abuja on Nov 21

  1. I think the biggest bottleneck in moving from sub $500B GDP to $3 trillion is HUMANS!

    To restart Nigeria requires some BOLD decisions, which I don’t think we presently have men and women with such visioning capability and STRENGTH OF CHARACTER at scale, to execute.

    If I propose the kind of changes/reforms we must make to get to where we are dreaming, some will ask for my head immediately, so I will be coming out gradually, in order not cause information overload.

    I will follow closely, behind the scene, until I am convinced that we really have the right talents to execute. You can have ideas flying all over the place, what is normally lacking is the personal conviction to remain true to them, especially when pressures are mounting from all sides; how many people here won’t compromise? Herein lies the challenge!

    We talk so much about agriculture, but we don’t need to turn all our lands to farmlands, just to produce enough food. We need lands for many other things, so we need to learn how to produce more on a little land, we waste spaces a lot!

    So much sacrifices to be made, but how many people are really ready for that? Not many…

    I wish you good deliberations, we will soon find out if we are ready for such quantum leap.


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