NECA and ITF – Time To Step Us This Game. Train Them For Jobs of The Future


The Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association ( NECA) and the Industrial Training Fund (ITF),  said 223 people have been trained in welding, fitting, mechanics under their skill acquisition project in the last six months. We must congratulate ITF and NECA, but want to challenge them to revisit their programs. You cannot continue to train these kids in the jobs of the 20th century. We looked at the 2011 training schedule for ITF and it looked like what one could expect in 1980. The emerging training in Nigeria now – mobile apps development is not included. Also, they should include computer aided design (CAD) tools and automation as well as embedded systems in order to prepare these students for the jobs of the future.


While we understand the need of mechanics, fitters, welders, ITF must step up and start offering services in emerging technologies as those will drive economic prosperity in this century.


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