My New eBook Coming September 2017 with Exclusive Articles

My New eBook Coming September 2017 with Exclusive Articles

Dear Tekedia Reader,

My ebook, Africa’s Sankofa Innovation, will be launched on September 1 2017. Besides the book, I will be publishing regular and exclusive articles that focus on business, innovation, and technology, in and around Africa with global perspectives. The articles will explore how entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and other stakeholders can unlock value. The articles will be longer than the typical ones I share here on Tekedia. Apart from these exclusive in-depth articles and the ebook, Tekedia remains free to the general pubic.

For access to the eBook and the exclusive contents, a $20 annual subscription is required. Interested readers can pay with credit card, debit card, or Paypal processed via Fasmicro Group, my U.S. firm. Those in Nigeria can pay via our Nigerian bank accounts; the equivalent is N7,000.

All proceeds go to African Institution of Technology (AFRIT), my 501(c)3 non-profit with the United States Internal Revenue Revenue, to fund our operations. (Put EIN 30-0752559 on the IRS search site) Just as I assisted many schools in Africa on embedded electronics, I have a plan to assist in the areas of AI and big data. Putting subscription on these contents will ensure I can pay people that will work with us on this community service.

Posting here is a hobby which I enjoy during free pockets of minutes. We are seeing user growth evolving. I am hoping most will join us as we work to support African schools to deepen capabilities in AI and big data.

As always, thanks for reading.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe


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12 thoughts on “My New eBook Coming September 2017 with Exclusive Articles

  1. The freshest perspective on everyday business matters seems to lurk solely inside your brain- yours alone. Thanks for the wealth of wisdom willingly shared. Oh, as an up-and-coming author of several as-yet unreleased works, I am looking forward to September 1st. Keep the ember burning Sir!!!

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