Nigeria Development And The Need for Umunneoma Economics

Nigeria Development And The Need for  Umunneoma Economics

A great conversation here on National Dialogue with Femi Adesina (spokesman for President of Nigeria, President Buhari), Prof Pat Utomi, and other leaders of our nation across all dimensions. In my presentation, I pushed for Nigeria to build an economic framework around Umunneoma Economics (Umunneoma means “good brethren” in Igbo). It was well received.

I spoke on economic opportunities in Nigeria. In my postulation, I explained how that economic philosophy is the pillar that drives the Igbo Apprenticeship System. The new global capitalist manifesto which is working to go beyond fixated focus on shareholders, to consider ALL stakeholders, is something the Umunneoma Economics is doing already.

It is a tradition: in some parts of Abia state, you cannot speak in a village square unless you can point to people you have helped, irrespective of your wealth. Indeed, we need to push Nigerians to build together, so that ALL CAN RISE.


The Umunneoma Economics


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