Nigeria Election Results – No Result from Crowd-Sourcing Sites

Amazing! Despite all the web tools and technologies, no one can make the calls. The results are not coming yet and there is no place to find them. The whole concept was to text polling station results to a central server and from there tally the numbers before the government finishes by tomorrow. It is past 12.10 am in Lagos and the cloud is still thick.  So technology did not work out because people failed to text! Check Next, ReclaimNaija and Revoda – nothing has come there. But Saharareporters has some numbers though most are unconfirmed. SaharaReporters thinks , through unconfirmed results, that PDP lost in Aso Rock polling station – not possible because it means that the people actually voted themselves out of work. Generally, the results are not coming quick despite the web tools deployed.

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