Founders Series: Nigeria Must Modernize Trade Exams to Help Mechanics – Endy Motors Founder

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We are happy to present Endy N. Ndubuisi who is the Founder of Endy Motors, Owerri, Nigeria. We got very interested in this gentleman when we noticed that he went to Imo State University and obtained a degree when he noticed that he could not cope with the advancement in new cars. It is helping him and he is presently ordering some powering diagnostics tools from the US for use in his shop. He has worked all his life with Trade Certificates which are of minor value to computerized cars of today.

– Tell us your name and background

I am Endy N. Ndubuisi, the Founder of Endy Motors at Ugwu Orji Owerri, Imo State. I hold Trade Certificates in Mechanical Technology and recently completed my bachelor program from Imo State University. I began my career with Izuogu Motors before it went bankrupt. I then founded my own company in early 1990s. I have been running Endy Motors since then.

– Introduce us to your company, products and services

We care for cars and we do create jobs on it. Oil change, engine repair, tune up and indeed any type of car job. We are located opposite old Hallmark Bank Building, just after Glass House in Ugwu Orji Owerri.

– What are the opportunities for your business?

As Nigerians become richer since our economy has been improving ever since democracy came, I think more will buy cars and we will have more jobs.

– Tell us the challenges your business is facing

New cars are causing problems to us. Nigerians must be fearful – our mechanics cannot maintain modern computerized cars.  Car diagnostics technologies provide more business threats than lack of electricity. At least in electricity, we know what to do when light comes. But we have seen new cars and just tell the owner, we cannot help you. The nation must wake up and help develop the knowledge base of the mechanics. I am very happy that after working with Trade Certificates for two decades, I went back and got my bachelor degree. Today, I am hopeful and my business looks positive. Now, I can operate those tools and business has expanded from Owerri to Onitsha and across the entire East.

– Share with us how you are mitigating those challenges

I had to go back to school. I noticed that in five years, my shop can close if I cannot understand how to use the diagnostics tools through a formal education. I am happy that today I have overcome that problem.

– Your message to other founders and entrepreneurs

People must not be afraid of the future. When the opportunities come, take them. It does not have to be big at the beginning.  Just start but ensure you have discipline and you have a good skill in what you do. Have a good service and be good to your clients.

– Should you become a LGA chair, Governor or President, tell us how you will make technology to flourish in your country

I will open in all the geopolitical zones Advanced Automobile Academy like the one in South Korea so that mechanics can graduate and be well trained to care for people’s cars. Non tradition education must be improved in Nigeria. We must also modernize Trade tests as those that are graduating today are not fit for today’s cars. We see them and nothing has changed since more than two decades I got those certificates.

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Endy Motors is located opposite defunct Hallmark Bank Building, just after Glass House in Ugwu Orji Owerri, Imo State.





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