Nigeria Must Advance the Production, Dissemination and Usage of Knowledge

Nigeria Must Advance the Production, Dissemination and Usage of Knowledge

Good people, I was jealous today in the positive sense of it: Europe is collecting ideas to map a future. They are simply harvesting ideas from around the world, challenging and testing their own hypotheses. Everything was programmed.

Some of European Commission leaders who manage billions of Euros just look ordinary. They took notes, asked questions and followed up. There were no endless greetings and protocols [that irritating part of events in Nigeria]. It was all business. They do this every two years but this year’s one is blowing my mind.  I mean, there is big innovation in how future conferences would be run.

Yes, besides panels and plenary they added gaming. A team from Holland built this remarkable game to model the EU countries in 2050 with possibilities and scenarios. Predict your world, they would design it in real-time. The market and political forces become the competition vectors, translating into jobs, wages, healthcare and more.

Nigeria is losing grounds. We are not thinking. We are just eating eba, amala and wasting hours.  We desperately need to have debates (especially at presidential and governorship levels) for our politicians for 2019 elections. Someone has to sponsor a Bill to make this a law. Possibly, that process will improve the quality of the system.

Sure, debate may not be the key element for determining leadership capabilities. But at least it forces the person to think about issues as he/she prepares. We need to elevate the production, dissemination and usage of knowledge in the process of governance in Nigeria if we hope to make progress, at scale.

There is no problem in electricity, road construction, transportation or agriculture that someone has not thought about in Africa. From our universities to our research institutes, we have inventions (yes, ideas) for most of the challenges. But despite these inventions, we do not have the products as we continue to experience poor electricity supply, poor roads, poor transportation networks, etc. If you visit food and drinking joints across most African cities, you will be amazed on ideas emanating from people on how to fix our challenges. Indeed, our continent is rich in invention. We are creative.


I am attending the European Commission Knowledge Week in Brussels

EU Knowledge Week


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2 thoughts on “Nigeria Must Advance the Production, Dissemination and Usage of Knowledge

  1. ND,what african countries need,especially black Africa,inclusive of nigeria is true federalism,weakness of the central government and empowerment of federating units to manage their resources,make governance policies and free to run their affairs independent of overburdening central and inefficient nigerian government of corruption.
    Imagine where south east manages its resources,policies on education,trade&investment,customs,power generation&distribution etc.
    All the nonsense of square pegs in round appointments based on tribe,rather than merit will abate,the nonsense about educationally disadvantaged state&quota in place of merit will stop.
    The inefficiency arising from government mandating all power generators to feed them into national grid for distribution,even when they lack the capacity to transmit it will stop.
    People who have similar world view,work ethics and cultural affinity and harmony will work better and produce better result,without negative interference from different cultures.
    Imagine the killings and overtly religious bent in some parts of nigeria,but,non-chalant disregard to education.
    The priorities of our different people and cultures are different,but,unfortunately,the central,quasi federal government doesn’t take count of that and its messing up everybody in their mismanagement.


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