Nigeria Vanguard ePaper – Innovation In Digital Media. What The Impacts Could Be

One of the most innovative digital media firms in Nigeria – The Vanguard – has introduced a really cool product. The ePaper. It is an equivalent of the print in a high resolution format. They also have the SweetCrude in this format as well as products like Property, Financial, etc.


Vanguard is also moving into the mobile ecosystem. When you can have a high quality HD versions that mirror the print, it means very soon, the digital strategy will dominant the print. Notice that they are not removing the ads. If you print that digital copy, you may not need to order the print.


Vanguard better sale small ads as people flip the epaper, otherwise, they will destroy their print model. That it is free is right as Punch experiment has shown that you cannot monetize news via subscriptions in Nigeria.


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