Nigerian Government Needs To Pay Teachers Better

Nigerian Government Needs To Pay Teachers Better

Teaching remains the best job in the world. No one has thrived without learning. At every stage in life, we need teachers. Despite teaching being the best job anyone can have, Nigerian teachers are being underpaid. Especially in the primary and secondary schools.

It is sad when teachers that have helped us build the life we are living through their conscious teachings and care, are being paid peanuts.

When I was a youth corper, I had the opportunity to take part in the teaching profession. I can tell you that – it is one of the most difficult jobs to have especially those teaching toddlers. What do they get in return? A salary that can’t even put three square meals on the table.

But our senate leaders that sit in the house take home fat salaries every month just to say, ”yeah” or ”no” during House sitting.

This makes me ask an unanswered question – “who is actually serving who?”

We can’t continue like this. I don’t see why teachers can’t earn like politicians too. After all, they shaped the future of our political leaders.

If you give huge allowances and brand new vehicles to political leaders, why can’t you give to the teachers too?

It is high time for the government to look into this and make the necessary adjustments. There should be a policy that forbids private schools from paying teachers a bizarre salary. These teachers are even made to teach ten to fifteen subjects.

Yes, I understand that there are no jobs in the country, but that is not enough reason to turn everyone into a slave.

Some salaries being paid to teachers are way too ridiculous.

How pathetic to hear that teachers raising millionaires, billionaires and even all our political leaders, can’t even own a decent apartment or eat good food.

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One thought on “Nigerian Government Needs To Pay Teachers Better

  1. They don’t care. That is why the country is upside down. There is no dignity of labor here. This is not just about teachers but every profession.


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