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Nigerian Restaurants Worldwide: A Research Agenda Part 3

Nigerian Restaurants Worldwide: A Research Agenda Part 3

Part 3 in my series of Nigerian Restaurants Worldwide has been a long time coming. In my last two explorations, Rwanda was the last thing on my mind (see part 1, part 2).

Alas, lately, something did happen in its capital city of Kigali. And guess where? The reputable and upmarket Kigali Business Centre or KBC.

While “Danfo by The Grid” is a new entrant following in the footsteps of Jollof Kigali, there are some interesting differences. Unlike the former, the latter seems to have a bit more space and selection of Nigerian beverages – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. But that’s about it.

Location and atmospherics are central to marketing good food.

As for Danfo by the Grid, the location is sublime – the Kigali Business Centre is a prime location next to Kigali Heights and the Kigali Convention Centre. What’s more the menu can only be accessed by scanning a QR code on the table.

As I had early pointed out in the first series “Nigerians in the diaspora know the exact needs of their brothers and sisters at home visiting these new climes. But the question is how have they responded to these clientele?”

Against the backdrop of my diaspora sojourn – having I lived in Dubai, London, Scotland and visited Berlin, Houston, Atlanta, Florida, Tanzania and South Africa in the past decade or just over – I have been rather unimpressed by the ambience of Nigerian restaurants in these locations (when compared with their counterparts).

Made in Lagos – surely

Another eye-catcher is the creative naming convention of the Cocktails highlighting/ celebrating everything Lagos from “Lagos Island” to “Ikeja Margaritas.”

  • LAGOS ISLAND (Rum, Vodka, Gin, Coke, Triple sec, Tequila, Lime juice).
  • OJUELEGBA MOJITO (Mint Leaves, Brown sugar, Rum, Soda water, Wedges, Choice of fruit).
  • ELEGUSHI DAIQUIRI (Strawberry puree, Strawberry syrup, Lime juice, Vodka).
  • ALLEN AVENUE WHISKY SOUR (Wild turkey bourbon, Lemon Juice, Simple syrup & Egg White).
  • OLOSHO WHISKY (Lemon juice, Jameson, Sprite, Lemon wedges).
  • IKEJA MAGARITA (Tequila, Triple sec, Lime juice & Choice of fruit).

Last, but surely not the least, the Jollof Rice is awesome irrespective of who won the debate of this popular Nigerian dish.

As I usually do, I sign off with managerial and theoretical implications, “Nigerian restaurateurs need to up their game and provide the appropriate ambience, quality of service and innovativeness” a theme that resonates with my inaugural research “Nigerian restaurants in London: bridging the experiential perception/expectation gap” published in 2007.

At the theoretical level, academics should encourage students to undertake research projects on how to make Nigerian restaurants competitive especially in climes outside Nigeria.

For more on this topic, visit here and here.

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